About Us

Blue Sky for submit drinks
No doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.. Hence,the aspiring beginning that we
have been always careful not to despair.. Our company offers high quality products of coffee and juice..
The key of our success is the result of our efforts, the quality of our products and our great staff with
whom we together have the determination to succeed..


Our Goal

It is the number one in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in the field of

providing beverage solution and cold.

And to work on customer satisfaction in the best way possible and also to obtain the

highest degree of confidence in the quality of our products and to be the beginning

of our march honorable and have an honorable history in the future.

Our Mission

- Always maintain the trust of the customer

- Serving freshly brewed coffee and juices for our beloved


- Team work and development in line with Vision 2030

Our Vission

the constant driving force behind any growth

of us.

At Blue Sky we have come to know what our duty to customers

really is and we have the vision to be the most important and innovative

Vision 2030 is the main platform for achieving our vision